Enter Better Man U!

Enter Better Man U!
When I was just in 6th grade my father had an aneurysm rupture on his brain. It nearly killed him. And it ultimately severed our relationship because he became a different man after that.

Since that life-altering moment, most of what I have learned about manhood has been more “caught” than taught.

For example, my father never taught me how to tie a tie. I actually learned that from some random (nice) man in a Belk’s Department store when I was a teenager. I literally walked up to him and asked if he would teach me. And graciously, he did.

That man never knew what an impact that simple 5-10 minute gesture made on me.

Now, every time I put on a tie I think of him. The random dude that taught me how to do it. And since then I have taught many young men how to tie a tie.

But that simple gesture also put a desire in my heart to be committed to helping young men onto the on-ramp to adulthood for the rest of my life.

Enter Better Man University.
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